About Sopa New Haven

Sopa New Haven offers a variety of delicious prepared soups that deliver a warm, homemade feeling, encouraging you to focus on what's most important in life -- love. 

We proudly serve the Greater New Haven area!

We are: The Brothers' Rey

brothers rey.jpg

Alejandro Pabon-Rey & Eric Rey:

Co-Founders of Sopa New Haven

To understand part of our motivation to start this business it's important to connect with a bit of our history. We are 13 years apart in age. Because of this age gap, it was quite difficult for us to connect and develop any type of relationship. Even as we grew older, we were still quite different from one another. We were in different places, had different interests, and different ways of approaching the world. Despite these differences, we became intentional about building our relationship and growing our connection. 

While building this relationship, we soon discovered that we shared some of the same important values. The first was a shared value for entrepreneurship rooted in our sense of autonomy. When we discovered this it immediately became clear that we wanted to start and build a business together. With our mutual love and respect for food from all over the world, and a special trip to Peru, we knew we had to get into the food service business. Fast forward to July 2018 and you have the creation of Sopa New Haven!